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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Review: The Pleasure of Panic

The Pleasure of Panic The Pleasure of Panic by J.A. Huss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

God, there's just something fucking magical about the words Julie strings together. Just. Fucking. Magical.
"Take it any way you want. I'm just letting you know there's no point to pleasure without a little panic.

We know Jordan Wells is playing with people. We got that in His Turn. We got that in Total Exposure. But Jesus fuck. He's his own brand of fucking crazy. And I don't mean that in a bad way. He does some pretty impressive shit in this book--and he does it with his clothes on! I know, I'm just as disappointed about that as you are, but I'm learning there's a method to his madness. A certain evil, twisted, genius kind of madness.
"The kind of sexual ride I like to take comes with a dark underbelly. I like to lose control a little. I like to walk the edge.

This isn't Jordan's story. I know you probably want it just as badly as I do, but I have to trust that JA Huss knows her shit and won't disappoint when we get there. Plus, let's be honest, these books that just give us glimpses of Jordan Wells is like the best type of foreplay. I can only imagine he's going to blow my mind.
We stare into each other's eyes. But we're really seeing our souls as they consider the possibility of mixing together.

Anyway. Not Jordan's story. This is the story of Issy Grey and Finn Murphy. And the game they are playing. Or not playing. I honestly had no fucking clue what was happening--and not because the story isn't clear, because it is, but because I didn't know if there was a game being played! How, in a series called Jordan's game, can I believe the game isn't happening?! Tell me!
"I'm trying to have my sex fantasy, which, by the way, isn't going very well."
"I'm not in the game!"
"Well, you were playing along."
"Because you were practically throwing yourself at me."
"And I'm a fucking guy!"

But really, it's just a game, right?

"Because pleasure is what you want in the beginning, but satisfaction is what you get in the end."

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