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Sunday, March 25, 2018


I am honored to participate in the #WhoRunTheWorld blog tour. International Women's Day was March 8th and what better way to celebrate women than with the strong heroines of our favorite stories. 

You know you have one. The one woman who you relate to or wish you were as strong as. Whether that woman is fictional or real, March is a great month to honor that woman--or women. 

My favorite fictional heroine is brought to you by this fantastic tribute to women and the women who organized this tour. Read ahead to meet my favorite heroine. Hopefully you will love her too. Keep going for a giveaway. 

Amalie Whitfield was first introduced in Shacking Up by Helena Hunting. She is the best friend to Ruby and commonly referred to as Anarchy Amie. 
Swearing she's a changed woman, she turned in her Anarchy hat and has donned the hat of the well respected fiance of Armstrong.

But what happens when a man causes you to lose sight of who you really are. Not just the wild, crazy, fun woman, but the real you?

And this is why I love Amalie. Not because a man makes her feel like less, but because she is trying to fit into a mold for others and when she breaks that mold, she blossoms. She becomes the woman Ruby knows exists. She becomes the woman that caught Lexington Mills' eye long before he actually gets to call her his. 

Reasons I LOVE Anarchy Amie: 
1. She hacks "apart her dress with a pair of gardening shears."
Because after catching your husband with another woman--at your wedding reception--what else would you do?

2. Her bag of tricks. Or as Lex calls it, "the Extreme Pleasure Line"
When going on a honeymoon alone, how else do you plan to enjoy yourself? Easy. A bag of....tricks. I already loved Amie, but this scene just proved she was a strong woman, comfortable with her sexuality. 

3. Amalie is loyal. In some cases, this is to a fault. In other cases, like her bestie, Ruby, it is a quality trait. One that secures their bond and ensures their bestie love for one another. 

4. She's nervous during the landing and the takeoff when flying. I totally relate to this, which is why I like this little tidbit about Amie. It makes her more human, more real, in my eyes. 

5. Years of self-defense. I cock my fist and punch him square in the nuts, bringing him to his knees. "Why?" he gasps.
"Because you're a pussy, and a cheater, and you tried to threaten me with force.

6. She's smart. Oh, so freaking smart. She's quite the powerhouse and that is so beautiful.

7. She loves hard. Let's be honest, her Hottie Hook-Up wasn't supposed to be a thing. Not a real thing. It was supposed to relieve some tension, be a bit of fun, make her forget. It was never supposed to be her happily ever after. 
But when you fall in love, you fall hard. And Anarchy Amie fell hard for Sexy Lexy. 

"I don't want to hurt you, Amie, I want to love you."


  1. I loooove everything you said about Amie!! <3

    1. Thank you so much! I basically reread the book yesterday when pulling quotes for this. I just love everything about this couple!