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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Review: So Good

So Good So Good by Nicola Rendell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

LISTEN TO THIS BOOK. That's right, LISTEN. Use your ears not your eyes. I don't say that often, but in the case of So Good I am saying it.

Rock Engle and Felicity Munroe didn't just read the story off the pages, the ACTED the story. The deep breaths, the sighs, the excitement, the nervousness. You could hear it all. It was more like listening to a movie while cleaning the house (you know, when you're doing everything but watch the movie, so you only hear it? That.) than listening to someone read a book. And that made everything that much more fun.

The storyline is one you've read before. Best friends-to-lovers. One day, something changes, and then BAM they realize they need each other in all aspects of their lives and not just the best friend role. That happens for Max and Rosie. And it's sweet and fun and I wish I had had a best friend like Max because he's hot and swoony and all alpha.

I should talk about the pets. Because it's not often two animals steal the show, but it almost happens here. Julia Caesar is Rosie's cat. Cupcake is Max's dog. It's not love at first sight for those two, but it is 100% amusing. And as side characters? Totally awesome. I mean, the only other character is the guy who runs the bar. He seems to be the strong, silent type. Does he have a book?

Anyway, the bartender is not the point. The point is friends-to-lovers. That's what you get here. It's perfect.

But remember.


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