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Friday, May 25, 2018

Review: Good Boy

Good Boy Good Boy by Sarina Bowen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yep. This is just the series I needed to make me happy. I *almost* forgot how much I love Blake Riley. Well, until I reread Us and then I was quickly reminded why I needed to read Good Boy for a second time.
And I don't just read the books. I listen. I get invested. I devour the voices of Teddy Hamilton and Tanya Eby as if they're sitting right beside me, talking into my ears.
In a way they are. They are the perfect Blake and Jess. PERFECT. I am such a Teddy Hamilton girl. He just has that voice that leaves me all swoony. Couple that with the awesomeness that is Blake Riley and you have character perfection.


If you haven't had the chance to meet Blake and Jess and Wes and Jamie, well, you're really missing out on a great group of people. The Rileys and the Cannings are the coolest families out there. And is it just me or does Mama Riley remind you of Marshall's mom on How I Met Your Mother? Loud, tall, boisterous, enthusiastic. No? Just me? Oh well. I very clearly picture that woman every time Mama Riley is on the page. And now you will too. You're welcome.

Grab this. You'll feel better if you read it. It's hard not to smile when half of Blake's vocabulary is made-up.
(review from 5/25/2018)
5 "You make Blake Riley Smiley" Stars

I think I called it quits with my last Sarina Bowen book. I called it quits not because the book was disappointing, but because the book was perfection. And this is no less perfect. Blake Riley and Jess Canning are amazing together. Now, don't get me wrong, no one can replace Wes and Jamie, but damn Jess and Blake are rightthere with them.

Blake is a great guy. And I mean amazingly awesome, no one can compare. He's sweet, kind, generous, always puts others first, and is willing to look like the bad guy if it means the other person will be happy. In short?

Jess Canning is a hot mess of hot messes. She loves fiercely, wants the best for everyone she knows, and doesn't want to settle in any aspect of her life. Not one for relationships, she was perfectly content letting Blake Riley stay firmly planted in the 'one and done' column. Until she wasn't okay with that. Until life changed course. And that's when she decided she had to have him. Well, part of him.

Because you can't wish a relationship into existence and Blake Riley is her brother's teammate and she doesn't do relationships and school is hard and her roommate is horrible and and and.

Yeah, that's basically what it's like to live in Jess's head.

Don't let that stop you though because as crazy and hectic as it may be, it's filled with love and longing and the heart of someone seeking approval.

I found myself laughing out loud while reading this. I just couldn't hold back. The characters are hilarious, Mama Riley is loud and boisterous, and the Rileys almost an excellent replacement for the Canning Clan (except no one is better than the Cannings). You'll find yourself cheering for Blake when he's on the ice and when he's pursuing Jess.

You're gonna want Blake to win. You're going to want to see his persistence pay off.

You want this to happen.

Hey, meet Blake, he's my boyfriend.

If I keep saying it, it has to happen. Right? Right?!

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