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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Review: Sidecar Crush

Sidecar Crush Sidecar Crush by Claire Kingsley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes you find a town that you just want to live in. You're ready to pack your bags, sell your current home, and move to the new town you've just fallen in love with. You know that your life will be better and amazing and that it's just the right place for you. You know that nothing will get you, nothing will bring you down, that you will have met your people.

That's Bootleg Springs for me. I'm ready to sell my home and pack my belongings and move to Bootleg. I'm ready to make my children Bootleggers, even if they are transplants. I know they'll love the town, the people, and the Bootleg justice.

I say all of that, to bring you to the book.

Jameson and Leah Mae.

Jameson Bodine is the silent, broody type. He's artsy (my favorite) and quiet and he's thoughtful. He had a best friend growing up. A best friend who got to see the real him, the unfiltered him. He fell in love with his best friend before he knew what love was.

Leah Mae Larkin wanted more for her life. Not more than Bootleg Springs, just more. Fame, fortune, something more. But she never forgot her roots. When her mother moved her out of Bootleg, she came back every summer. Every summer until Callie Kendall, that is. But what she didn't realize when she left, when she stopped returning, she left a piece of herself in Bootleg.

When Leah Mae returns to Bootleg, the real party begins. This is when Jameson comes out of his shell, this is when Leah Mae finds the missing piece, and this is when you get some good ol' fashioned Bootleg justice.

You're going to LOVE seeing the Bodine group together again. You're going to love hanging out in Bootleg Springs. You're going to laugh out loud. And you'll never want to leave.

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