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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Review: Priest

Priest Priest by Sierra Simone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've waited and waited and waited to write this review. Not because it was a bad book, but because I didn't have the words to describe how unbelievably hot this book really was. I mean, hot, young man meets hot, young woman. Sparks are bound to fly. Add in the element of the forbidden fruit and it's a recipe for some of the hottest sex I've ever encountered.

Here is where I'd like to say that I listened to this book while driving down the interstate on vacation. This is where I'd like to say DON'T DO THAT! OMG. This is the kind of book you need to read or listen to while curled up in bed with a vibrator handy. A fan, a glass of water, lube (which is going to seem redundant because you're going to be ready to go without), and your favorite toy--or real live man! Doesn't matter. The point is you shouldn't listen to this while driving.

Jacob Morgan is magic on his own. I will listen to anything he puts out there. Not even joking.

But Elena Wolfe? Oh. My. Fucking. God.
I wanted to wrap myself in her voice and never leave the comfort of it. It's warm, it's sultry, it's so damn perfect that I couldn't get enough. It's one of those rare times I wanted more of the woman. And that says so much considering she was paired up with one of the hottest voices in the audiobook world.

Anyway, this isn't about the audio (although it is perfect in its own right), it's about a well-written story that left me begging for more. So. Much. More.

Father Tyler Bell can hear my confession any time he wants. And Poppy? Fuck. I'd take her too. She's magnificent. Together? Breathtaking.

Sierra Simone has a magical ability to make me want. She places each word in the exact spot it needs to be in order to pull the most emotion from a reader.
I hit every single one of these while reading Priest. It's a story I wish I could have drawn out. It was a story that needed to end so I could see what happened to the characters. It's a story that I will revisit very soon because Tyler and Poppy were electric.

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