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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Review: Control

Control Control by Piper Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Can I touch you? Stars

When I found out this series was going to continue with Tommy and Grant I was over the moon. I mean, who doesn't like their men all inked up? And I'll admit I'm coming around to the sexy cowboy thing. It doesn't hurt these guys are tattoo artists in their spare time.

So, over the moon.
Because, let's face it, Piper Frost teased us with lines like, "I told her I'd stick it in her ass if she let Barns stick it in her pussy." and when you give me a line like that, I'm gonna want to read it. There's almost nothing better than a good ol' MFM scene.

And then I started reading about Tommy and his love for Affton.
And I read about Affton and her desire to make something of herself. She couldn't do that in their small town, so she had to leave.

This love story isn't like the others. This story had me in tears. Affton's story, her struggles, her life away from Tommy was heartbreaking.
"If you haven't found what you need out there in the big old world you come back. Enjoy that big city life, then come back to our gravel roads...And come back to me."

To say these hookers blew this book out of the park is a great disservice to Piper Frost. They did so much more than hit it out of the park. This will probably go down as my most favorite Piper Frost book. And that's saying so much because these ladies put so much into their work and I know they're going to continue to give me great things.

But this book?! Gah. These two were on motherfucking point here. Laughter and tears. A hot #OneHandedRead. They had it all.

"You love me?"
"It's hard not to."

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