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Friday, July 7, 2017

Review: Impossible

Impossible Impossible by Laurel Ulen Curtis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 "Hot summer days are my new favorite things" Stars

My first Laurel Ulen Curtis book, but not my last.

Wow, the fact that this book is available for free blows my mind. She shouldn't be giving this stuff away. I fell head over heels for Coleman Cade. Junior and "the original." This makes me want to travel to middle of nowhere and see what those cowboys are all about.

Because, yes, this is a book that features a bull ridin' alpha male. And cowboys aren't typically my thing, but day-um, Coleman Cade is my thing.

"Finding the right woman is a lot like ridin' a bull. You'll know in a little over eight seconds whether they're worth a second ride or not. And, as you know, the best ones usually buck you off a few times before givin' you the ride of your life."
I don't know if I've ever heard someone compare a woman to a bull before, but this is one of those times when it works.
And it works because it is so Coleman that it's almost expected. And Coleman is nothing like I expected.
Turns out he isn't anything that Roni expected either.

Roni. Crazy storm chaser running from the demons of her past. We all have a past, but not everyone's is as tortured or painful as Roni's. Not everyone can understand loss. Not everyone faces the pain--and Roni is one of those people who run. And she runs as far away as she can possibly go. She carries her possessions with her, staying at hotels, and never putting down roots.

Until she stumbles upon Coleman Cade, Junior.

"You drive like a crazy person. Seriously, bat shit, round the fuckin' bend, crazy."
Well, she chases storms, so it makes sense. And she's running from something, so again, it makes sense. But when someone finally decides she's worth more than what she's been doing, what does she do? What does she do when she finally feels the pull of something greater than her pain, her past?

"I need to go." He chuckled, actually chucked, and murmured, "Yeah, I bet you do."
She runs. But she doesn't necessarily run away, she tends to run back. Back to the Cades, back to CJ and Nan and Coleman. It isn't until she realizes those pesky feelings are in play that she runs the other way.

But they've left an impression.

"I don't want you to be sorry for claiming me, I just want you to be sincere while you're doin' it."
Because the Cades aren't the only people to leave an impression. Coleman has been known for his womanizing ways and those women don't take kindly to the new girl in town catching his eye. And Roni isn't a big fan of having those other women throwing themselves at the guy she's interested in--even if she is pushing him away.

So, jump on this crazy, Impossible ride and fall in love with Coleman Cade--both of them. You'll love Nan and you'll love Roni, even when you think you won't.

And did I mention that Mrs. Curtis actually surprised me. I thought I had it all figured out, I thought I knew what was happening and how it would end, but she caught me off guard. She threw a curveball when I was expecting a fast ball. So, thank you for a pleasant--and sad--surprise.

"A lady should only ride two things, sweetheart. A horse and her man. But only after she has a solid relationship with both."

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