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Welcome to Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend! It's been a while since I've participated in one of these and I am so excited to be back. 

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And now I'd love to tell you about #YourNextBBF. 
You can find him in...

Tall Dork and Handsome by Allie York

Do you like nerdy, fun-loving guys? Sweet, a bit alpha, and a whole lot of sexy? What about a business man? 

Sexy times in an office? 

That got your attention, didn't it?!

Let me introduce you to

Brian Marshall

Comic nerd. Business owner. Determined.

Brian is a comic artist who runs his own comic production company. 

He also manages a superstar author, Tyr Weatherby. 

It's through Tyr that he meets the woman who can bring him to his knees. 

Greer Owenby

Comic nerd. Twin. Killer artist. Horrible at relationships.

Greer is an Owenby twin; her sister is *the* Tyr Weatherby, hottest sci-fi author out there.

Determined to find herself, she's kicking off 'The Year of Greer.'

But what happens when her sister's attractive manager sets his sights on her? 

Wanna know what I think? Of course you do: 

Brian Marshall came into the picture. 
And he Blew. My. Mind. 

The swoon factor is off the charts here. 
He says all the right things, but not in a 'I'm saying what you want to hear' kind of way. 

Brian is the perfect match for Greer. 

He's kind and caring and hot and smart. Gah, so smart. 

If you need a blurb to convince you, I've got that too:

My name is Greer Owenby and I’m a comic snob. My other adjectives include twin, artist, and former doormat. My ex has finally made me cry for the last time and I’ve quit men to reinvent myself. My career is my main focus, and nothing can distract me. Not even my sister’s sexy comic-loving agent.

My name is Brian Marshall and I’m the up-and-coming king of comics. I represent the hottest sci-fi author of our time and my graphic novels are on shelves nationwide. I’m unstoppable in my field. Now if I can only prove to the woman of my dreams that I can make all hers come true.

Will comics bring them together or will back issues tear them apart?

Tall Dork and Handsome is book 4 in the Words For Nerds series. It can be read as a standalone, but will be better enjoyed if you start at the beginning. 

The Words For Nerds series is available in Kindle Unlimited. 

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Tall Dork and Handsome

Coming May 13th: Let's Geek It On

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