Wednesday, October 14, 2020

#Enemies2Lovers: Broken Kingdom by Ashley Jade

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but it is time for a new Meet Your Next blog tour! This tour features your favorite enemies to lovers. 

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The moment I got the prompt, I knew--just knew--I would feature Oakley and Bianca from Ashley Jade's Royal Hearts Academy series. The focus here is mostly on Broken Kingdom, but their story begins in Wicked Princess. 

This is every bit of a brothers' best friend/best friends' little sister romance. And as much as it is listed as bully romance, I feel like it's more a story of how your childhood can shape your future. 

Bianca Covington, the youngest of the Covington siblings, has been in love with Oakley for what seems like forever, but Oakley can't stand her. 

Or is that just what he wants you to believe? 

Welcome to their kingdom...

They say you're happy now. 

That you can't remember anything from your past and it's for the best. 

They told me if I cared about you I'd stay far away and leave you alone for good. 

Because you're getting married to a man you love.

Only problem is...

you loved me first.

If you've read any of the Royal Hearts Academy series, you know Bianca Covington as the most ruthless of them all. She's mean, she's manipulative, and she will destroy anyone who comes between her and those she loves. 

But what if there's more to her story? Not to justify her vicious ways, but what if something tragic happened and she never fully recovered? 

What if something tragic happens again and when she recovers she's a different person? 

Because that's what happens in Wicked Princess. You meet a whole new Bianca Covington. And her story is not what you think. 

She is not what you think. 

Broken Kingdom is told in past and present, by both Bianca and Oakley. Here, in the past, you see a time that changed them both. You see what happens when the girl is so in love with a boy, she will do almost anything to get his attention--and to make sure others don't have it. 

You'll also see a boy who cherishes the friendships he has with Cole and Jace more than anything else in the world. And he isn't willing to give it up for a girl--especially their little sister. 

Two broken souls come together in Broken Kingdom. 

The past fuses with the present. 

The old becomes new. 

The new becomes strong. 

You'll want these two to have their happily ever after. 

Even when you didn't think she deserved it. 

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The entire Royal Hearts Academy series is available on Amazon and is Free in Kindle Unlimited. This series is best read in order as you will see overlapping characters and plot. Wicked Princess MUST be read before Broken Kingdom. 

Start Jace and Dylan's story with CRUEL PRINCE

Sawyer and Cole find their truth in RUTHLESS KNIGHT

Begin the story of Bianca's journey in WICKED PRINCESS

And end this heartbreaking series with BROKEN KINGDOM

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