Friday, July 21, 2017

Review: Mean Girls

Mean Girls Mean Girls by Lucy Felthouse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another quick read from Lucy Felthouse, but again I feel satisfied.

This is about Adele, a bigger woman, and Oliver, a lifeguard. I'm guessing if he's a lifeguard he is fit and in shape, so let's just go with that.

Either way, Oliver wants Adele. Adele is crushing on Oliver.

It's quite perfect. Well, it is once we get rid of those pesky mean girls. You know the ones. Those who bad mouth and judge everyone because a)they're jealous or b)they're petty. Or both. It could be both.

You'll get sexy times, laughter, and fun in this story. Grab it today!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Review: Stay

Stay Stay by Sarina Bowen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's another Sarina and Elle book! Gah! I can't with these two authors anymore. I really can't. Everything they write I love. And I don't just love them a little, I love them with all that I have. I want to climb right into the story and be in with the gang. The whole gang. Jess and Blake, Wesmie, Matt and Hottie. And anyone else they want to throw my way. Seriously, that's just their co-written stuff. Don't even get me started on their individual books.

But I digress.

This is a WAGS review. This is a Matt Eriksson and Hottie review. Because when you can stumble upon your lifelong--or at least as long as he's been playing for your favorite hockey team--crush, you fall headfirst into everything with him. And as hesitant and standoffish and unsure these two are, they are the cutest fucking couple.

Matt is just getting back out there after his divorce, but he hasn't really gotten out there. If he isn't on the ice, he's wanting to spend time with his twin girls. If he isn't with them, he's hitting up Fetch for whatever his heart desires. And after using the service religiously since the divorce, he's managed to find himself crushing on the girl on the other side of the computer.

But is that normal? And really, what is normal? The bigger question? How can he meet her? How can he see if he's really ready to get out there?

Hailey has been divorced for about as long as Matt, but she co-owns Fetch with her exhusband. Talk about crazysauce. But it works. They have a successful business and a mutual respect for one another. Plus, Hailey has her suspicions that her longtime crush is really Striker87, a regular client of hers at Fetch.

But how can she prove it? He selected the anonymous box for a reason and she won't break that trust. But OMG what if it's really him?

The chemistry? Off the fucking charts, as per usual. The love? Fucking perfect. The secondary characters and the cameos from previous couples? It's why I keep coming back to these stories--well, that and they are fucking excellent. But whatever.

So, yes. Matt. Hailey. And crew. Get ready for a fun, sweet ride.

My only question? Who will fall in love next?!

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Review: Savage

Savage Savage by S.L. Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 I'll push you away Stars

I'm not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said. Readers have claimed this is the book of 2017, or at least a top contender. And I loved this book. It was angsty and painful to read and the characters were just so fucking intense that I wasn't sure what to do.

I took my time with this book, the way I would anything else I'd want to savor. Wine. Cheese. Cake. Wine. It's an excellent book. King and Sara Jane are star-crossed lovers if I've ever seen it. But they fight. They fight their inner demons, they fight the demons of others, and they fight for each other.

Even when pushing against each other.
"I'll push you away, and if you're strong enough to stay, I'll destroy everything I once loved about you while destroying myself in the process."

Sara Jane is the sweet girl who happens to cross paths with Alexander Kingwood. And when Alex sees something he wants, he goes for it. And he wants Sara Jane. They grow and learn and love together. It's beautiful. It's heartbreakingly beautiful.

There's a certain magic to the way SL Scott weaves this world together. The way she intertwines these two souls into one and then toys with the reader as our couple pushes and pulls against that world, against their very souls.

"We have all the time in the world to sin together.

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Review: Little Love

Little Love Little Love by H.Q. Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"You can't love me."
"Yeah, not my first choice either."

Obviously I gave this 5 stars. Obviously I am out of my fucking mind. I have no idea what to think other than this is perfection. It's perfect because it's total mindfuck. And not just one or two pages or a surprise mindfuck. The whole god damn book is a mindfuck.

Do you remember Akela and Malcolm from Immure Diaries? Yes? No? Well, you should because those two were fucked up. I hated Akela. I loved Malcolm.

Enya is their love child. She is the product of those two crazies and, well, she just might be crazier. But I never disliked her. I never wanted anything bad to happen to her. I felt for her. I wanted her to be happy--in whatever capacity she was capable.

There is love. Surprisingly, in this world where murder and stalking and lies are the norm, there is love. It's just not from where you expect it. It comes in the form of a possible friend, a definite enemy, and from the hearts of parents.

It's insane. I don't even know how to describe it.

And then there's that one scene. That ONE scene that made me sit back and laugh--despite the horrible circumstance the characters found themselves in. It's fucked, I tell you. Fucked.

"I have nothing to gain here, Enya. Except you.

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Review: Pressing Adalyn

Pressing Adalyn Pressing Adalyn by Jenn Hype
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.25 Let me love you Stars

I have a soft spot for this book. I don't know if it's the bitchy main character or the ridiculously sweet and nerdy love interest, but either way I love this book.

Yes, this is a reread for me. I couldn't help it. Sometimes you find that sweet book that just calls to you. Sometimes you find a main character you feel like you know and a love interest that is too good to be true. Except he's not too good because everyone has flaws.

Adalyn is the bitchy main character that you hate to love. You find yourself asking how she can get much bitchier--thinking it isn't possible--but then she does something new and different and you're left nodding and going 'okay, I can see it'. And you totally get her reactions. You get why she responds the way she does because, deep down, she reacts the EXACT way you wish you could react when forced into situations you don't want to be in. She's your inner bitch and you love her.

Ian. Swoon. I just love Ian. He's confident, attractive, kind, and a total nerd. That nerdiness gives him a more human feel. He isn't just some rich guy who thinks he's better than everyone. Ian has just enough self-doubt to make him lovable. But he's kind enough and loving enough to make you want one for yourself. Just sayin' I'm super jealous of Adalyn.

This sweet Rom-Com isn't without it's serious issues. Very quickly you see that Adalyn's attitude is a defense mechanism. You know she's running from something, but you don't know what. That drives the story. Well, and the love interest, obviously. But I found myself wanting to know what happened to Adalyn. Why is she pushing everyone away. The only person to stick with her was her BFF, Stacy.

And oh Stacy does not disappoint. She's the snarky, in your face BFF you wish you had. Or you want to be. Either way, Stacy is a barrel of laughs in this and she keeps Adalyn grounded.

I'm excited to see what happens to Stacy in book 2 of the Pretending series! Thanks, Jenn Hype, for giving me such fun characters.

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Review: Swink

Swink Swink by Adriana Locke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 My favorite Landry Stars

Yep. I said it. I think I found my favorite Landry book. Who knew it'd be one of the girls' though. I credit a lot of that to Cam, but come on, Adriana Locke just gave me a hot, tattooed fighter. Again. Crew Gentry was my first Locke experience so it's no surprise that I'd love--FUCKING LOVE--Dominic Hughes. He's cocky, tattooed, sweet, kind, and dirty.

So, this is where I say thank you, Adriana Locke, for this pleasant surprise in the Landry family books. Don't get me wrong, those Landry boys do not disappoint, but there's something about a man who walks the walk and talks the talk. And Dom is that man.

That was written with sarcasm. I can feel it.
I always make sure you feel it, babe.
Why do I love Dom and Cam as a couple? Let me count the ways.
Okay, I won't count, but I'll give a quick list.
The banter. It flows, it's easy, and they just seem so connected.
The sex. Obviously this is hot or I wouldn't waste my time reading the sex scenes. And I definitely read them.
The love. The way they show the other their true feelings even when they deny the feelings exist. Or rather, as they try to deny those feelings. The way they protect each other. They way they push each other to be better, do more.

"You were wrong when you said I don't want you."
"You were wrong when you said we're free to do whatever we want."
Because it isn't every day when you find someone you can connect with, feel safe with, feel alive with. This is probably one of my favorite scenes in the book.

Fifty-one percent might be a majority, but no one ever said that was a passing grade.
Truth. There is so much truth to this in and out of context. I think that's my favorite thing about this book; we get the good and the bad. We get the ugly and the beautiful. We see a different side to life. And it's so real that I felt like I was right there with Cam and Dom. I felt like I could walk into The Gold Room or Percy's or The Farm and fit right in. And talk about bringing a cast of secondary characters to the table. Damn. Nate, Ryder, Joy, and the Landry clan are perfect.

"And you were here."

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Monday, July 17, 2017

CHAPTER REVEAL: Unconventional by Isabel Love

Release Date: July 20, 2017


Happily ever after—what a joke! I tried that once and ended up divorced.
Now, I only want one thing from men.
Charlie Nelson is good at giving me that one thing. Really, really good.

So good, in fact, I discovered a new side of myself.
I never knew I liked to watch until I saw his talented hands touching someone else.
I never knew I liked to be watched until I felt his searing gaze on me.

Maybe happily ever after isn’t always a white picket fence, wedding bells, and 2.5 kids.
Maybe it’s something a bit more…unconventional.

*Warning: Contains dirty talk, piercings and hot threesomes.
Intended for readers over 18 years of age.


PRE-ORDER LINKS – 99c pre-order only price!


Copyright © 2017 Unconventional by Isabel Love
That’s some party trick.

I’m so worked up right now, I almost can’t see straight. I had fully intended to fuck Miss Double D, as Quinn so aptly named her, but once the security guard interrupted us and Quinn bolted, having sex with Crystal lost its appeal. All I could think about was Quinn’s gaze on me, watching me touch another woman, watching me make her come. She liked watching. I could tell how turned on she was by the way her chest was rising and falling so rapidly with every breath, the way she couldn’t tear her eyes away from me, the sheen of sweat on her upper lip and neck. 
My cock throbs in my pants just thinking about it. 
Quinn insists on driving as I had a few shots tonight and we decide to go to her place because it’s closer. Quinn lives in a condo that’s quite nice, actually. Once we’re in her car, I adjust my dick so my pants aren’t strangling it. 
“Congratulations on your new account, hotshot. I don’t know if I told you earlier,” she says. 
“Thank you. You told me earlier, but you can tell me again. I like it when you praise me.” 
“I’m not sure there’s any room in this car, what with the size of your—” 
“Cock?” I interject. 
“I was going to say ego. 
“My cock is pretty big, too, you have to admit.” I look over at her, flashing a naughty grin. 
“I do like your cock, you know that. Are you fishing for compliments?” 
I chuckle. I love that she admits to liking my cock. Most women shy away from dirty talk, but not Quinn. She’s just as blunt as I am and isn’t afraid to use words like cock or cunt. 
“Isn’t there any way you can go any faster? I’m dying over here.” I’m two seconds away from pulling my dick out and jacking off while she drives. 
“Calm your tits. We’re almost there.” She rolls her eyes but does push down on the gas pedal a bit harder. 
“Speaking of tits, you liked watching me fondle Miss Double D, didn’t you?” 
“That was one impressive rack,” she admits. 
“Have you ever…been with a woman?” The way she was watching us made me think she’d like to join in. I could see Quinn experimenting with other women. 
“No, I like dick, if you haven’t noticed.” She smiles and glances over at me. “But I can appreciate that boobs are sexy.” 
“What about the way she was able to lick her own nipples, wasn’t that hot?” I almost came in my pants when I saw that she could do it. That’s going in the spank bank, for sure. 
“That’s some party trick.” 
“Would you lick your own nipples if you could?” I ask her. Quinn’s boobs are amazing, large and perky, though not quite as big as Crystal’s. 
“Hell yeah I would. That’s like asking if you would suck your own dick if you could. Don’t even tell me you’ve never tried to; I won’t believe you.” 
I chuckle. “When I was 14, I tried as hard as I could, but I’m not that flexible.” 
“There’s a sight I would have liked to see.” She laughs. 
“It wasn’t even remotely sexy. I lived in fear that someone would walk in on me and catch an eyeful of me in different contorted positions.” I laugh at the memory. “It would seem as though you are a closet voyeur. How did I not know this about you until tonight?” 
She chews on her bottom lip. “I didn’t know it myself. I mean, I like watching porn, but I’ve never come across an opportunity to watch real-life action.” 
I file that information away for later and almost weep with relief when we pull into her driveway. We turn to look at each other once the car is parked in her garage, and her eyes roam over my face, stopping on my lips. She leans forward, about to kiss me. 
“Is there anything you need to do before I fuck you?” Once I start, I won’t be able to stop until I’m balls deep inside of her. 
I promptly get out of the car and walk around the front to open her door. As soon as she’s standing, I’m on her, pulling her face toward mine and taking her mouth in a hot, wet kiss. Her lips are perfect, plump, and soft, and this kiss has the perfect ratio of lips, teeth, and tongue. Her tongue dances with mine and she’s as ravenous as I am, licking and nipping at me. Her hands are busy too, untucking my shirt and reaching for my belt buckle. Fuck. I love that she’s desperate for my dick, but I reach down and bat her hands away. We need to take this inside. I reach down to palm her ass and pick her up. Her legs wrap around my waist as I carry her to the door, stopping by the security alarm so she can disarm it. 
Once the door is open, I stride inside and sit on the couch with Quinn straddling me. She grinds against my erection as I pull her shirt up and off. She reaches for my shirt next, and I reach over my head to tug it off. She sits back on my lap and stares down at my torso, lust and appreciation shining in her eyes. I also take a moment to appreciate my view of her. She wears a red, silky bra, but it seems like some of the material is missing because only the bottom half of her boobs are covered. The top half is exposed and I can see the pink skin of her areolas just hinting at where her nipples are. I trail my fingers across the edge of the bra, dragging the material down a bit to reveal the rest of her nipples. They’re tight little nubs and I pinch them, hard. She gasps and arches her back, bringing her chest closer to my face. 
“I really like this bra, Red. It seems like you chose the color just for me.” 
“I chose it for me. I like the way it makes me feel,” she corrects me, her voice low and throaty. 
“How does it make you feel?” 
“You don’t need a bra for that. You’re sexy all on your own. Stand up, take your pants off. I want to see the rest of you.” 
She stands and starts to unbutton her pants. “If I’m getting naked, then so are you. Come on, let me see that gorgeous cock of yours.” 
I comply with her request, grabbing a condom out of my wallet before stripping off my jeans, underwear, socks, and shoes. Quinn makes quick work of her pants and heels then goes to take off her panties but I stop her. 
“Wait, I want to take those off.” I sit back down on the couch and pull her to stand in front of me. The underwear is also silky red, and I love the contrast against her pale skin. Quinn is curvy, her hips flaring out from her waist. I smooth my hands down them before reaching back to squeeze her ass. It bounces when I let go and I can’t wait to see it bounce on my cock. 
“How wet did you get watching me earlier?” I know she was aroused, but I don’t know how much. 
“Soaking wet,” she tells me. 
“I want to see.” I reach for the fabric that covers her pussy and run my fingers back and forth, testing the fabric for wetness. Sure enough, it’s soaked. “Fuck, Red. I need to taste you.” 
“So taste me.” 
I slide her panties down her legs and help her step out of them. I lean forward and nuzzle my nose right in between her legs, inhaling her musky scent, then lick her slit, grabbing her ass and pulling her forward, closer to my mouth. She holds on to my shoulders to steady herself as my tongue laps at her cunt, but I can’t quite get the right angle while she’s standing up. 
I stand, and she whimpers. “Why did you stop?” 
I look around her living room and see the ottoman in front of the couch is plush and a decent size. “Lie back on this, I need to bury my face in your pussy.” 
She shivers at my words and reclines on the ottoman, legs spread wide and leaning up on her elbows so she can watch me. Her red hair is wild, her face is flushed, and her tits are heaving out of her bra as she pants in anticipation. 
I kneel in front of her and hold her gaze as I lick her slowly, from opening to clit. 
“Fuck, that feels good. Don’t stop.” 
My licks are slow and steady, working her up, but not giving her enough friction to come. She keeps her gaze on me and I watch as she becomes more and more desperate. 
“Hmm?” I ask, like I have all the time in the world. 
Quinn likes to be bossy too, and I like to make her beg. She hates begging, which makes me like it even more. She tips her hips up, chasing my tongue, but I move it to lick her folds instead. 
“Charlie!” she complains. 
“Did I ever tell you how much I love eating your pussy?” I ask her conversationally in between licks. I could eat her out for hours. Her red curls are neatly trimmed, framing her clit and pussy lips. I spread her wide open with my fingers and lick into her opening, pushing my tongue as deep as I can get it, then licking the walls as I come out. Her taste is addictive. Not all women taste the same—some are bitter, some more musky, some sour. Quinn’s pussy tastes divine, the right combination of musky, salty, and sweet. I lap up her juices, avoiding her clit, trying to drive her crazy enough to beg me. 

“Fuck! Charlie, I need you. Is that what you want to hear?” 
Bingo. “What do you need? More of my tongue?” I focus on her clit and she moans loudly. 
She doesn’t answer me, so I back away. 
“Charlie! Please, I need you to fuck me, okay? Please fuck me.” She glares at me, pissed that she gave in and begged me, but so turned on. 
I chuckle and reach for the condom. “My pleasure. Why didn’t you just say so?” 

My body is so desperate to come but his tongue wasn’t enough; I need his cock, and that fucking bastard always likes to make me beg. 
He rolls the condom on and tugs on his gorgeous cock a couple of times before lining himself up with my pussy. He pulls me forward slightly, making my ass hang just a bit off the edge of the ottoman, and rubs the head of his dick up and down my folds, coating himself with my wetness. I feel his piercing, a stark contrast to the way a cock feels. The metal of the piercing is unforgiving while his penis is hard but soft at the same time. The combination makes my eyes roll back into my head and my clit throbs as I wait for him to push into me. He doesn’t though, not right away. He picks up my legs and drapes them up over his shoulders. 
“Charlie!” I bark. “Now. Fuck me now.” 
At my tortured command, he slams into me. I’m so wet, he gains entry easily, but his girth stretches me open, making me gasp at the sudden feeling of fullness. 
“Fuck. This is going to be fast.” 
Thank God. 
He leans forward, seeking purchase on the edges of the ottoman to hold on. I grab on to his forearms and he starts to thrust into me. 
“Yessss.” I love his unrelenting rhythm. His cock is big, and I feel the piercing inside, creating more friction with each movement in and out of me. It reaches all the right places and I’m on the verge of coming. 
“I need you to come, Red. Are you close?” 
“God, yes.” 
He leans down and latches on to one nipple, pulling it and biting it. Then he tends to the other nipple, and the extra stimulation pushes me over the edge. Pleasure steals my breath and my vision. 
“Fuck!” I shout, wrapping my legs around his waist so I can keep him inside me. My pussy clamps around his dick while I come and he chuckles sexily. 
“I love feeling you milk my cock. Was that good?” 
“Mmmmm,” I tell him, too far gone for words right now. 
He kisses me and stays still as I come down from my orgasm. Then he starts moving again and I realize his cock is still rock hard. “You didn’t come yet?” 
“Not yet. Can you flip over? I need to see your ass.” 
“I’m not sure I can move,” I groan. My body is always a bit paralyzed after an orgasm. 
“I’ve got you.” He pulls out of me, helps me sit up, then I turn and face plant into the ottoman. He positions me so I’m kneeling on the carpet, folded over the ottoman for support, ass sticking out at him. He palms my ass and slaps one cheek, the unexpected sting causing me to gasp. 
“Don’t fall asleep on me.” 
“Well then, give me something to stay awake for,” I retort. 
He spreads my ass cheeks apart, so wide I’m completely exposed to his view. I can’t see what he’s doing, but it seems like he’s just looking at me. 
“You see something you like?” I ask him, unnerved at his silence and stillness. 
“I wish I could take a picture of you right now, all pliant and satisfied, your pussy wet and pink from my cock fucking you,” he replies, his voice so husky. “I’d title it Satisfaction.” 
“I bet you have a collection of naughty pictures, don’t you?” He is a photographer, after all. 
He slides his cock up and down my crack, teasing me. Then he squeezes my ass cheeks together, sandwiching his dick in between them, and pumps up and down. The condom catches on my skin, not slick enough to glide smoothly, so he spits. The sound is so crass, and I feel the plop as his saliva lands on my skin, but when he starts moving again, the extra spit allows him to slide easily. Fuck, his cock is so big. It makes me squirm every time it passes over my asshole, and that piercing—it’s so unyielding. 
“You’d think I’d have naughty pictures, but I don’t. I’m not much for remembering past hookups, but fuck, I want to keep this image for my viewing pleasure.” 
“Maybe I’ll send you a picture sometime.” I’ve never taken nude photos before, too afraid they would end up online somewhere, but the thought of Charlie jerking off to images of me gets me hot. 
“I’d like that.” He pulls back, his cockhead trailing down my crack to rub my clit. My nerve endings are still so sensitive from my orgasm that his touch is almost too much. 
“Fuck, Charlie,” I hiss, squirming away from his attention. 
Surprisingly, he heeds my complaint and finally slides into me. It’s a slow slide, inch by inch, until his pelvis is flush with my ass, then he stills. Pleasure zings through me at the way he stretches me and my recently sated body wakes up, hungry for more. I need friction, but he isn’t moving. I huff in frustration. 
“I want you to bounce that luscious ass on my cock,” he says in explanation. 
That I can do. I lift my upper body off the ottoman and brace myself. Holding on to the sides, I rock forward until I feel he’s almost completely out then I back up quickly, loving the way he fills me up. 
His hands cradle my hips and pull me back to meet him. “That’s it, Red. God, your ass is fantastic.” 
Nothing is sexier than the sounds this man makes during sex. The deep rumbles, the muttered curses, the bossy commands, even the lewd remarks about my body are all so damn hot. 
Charlie Nelson is one sexy beast. 
Soon enough, he takes control and reaches around to rub my clit. He can read my body so well, and his fingers plucking my clit while he fucks me triggers an orgasm so intense, I practically pass out. I scream my release and try to grab hold of something to keep me tethered to Earth. He pitches forward on one final thrust and shouts hoarsely along with me. His arms come around me, stilling my flailing movements and holding me close as his dick pulses inside me. 
“Fucking hell, that was amazing.” He pants into my neck. 
“Mmmm,” I agree. 
“You paralyzed?” He knows this about me—orgasms always steal my coordination and leave me in a heap of spasms and heavy limbs. 
“Stay here, I’ll take care of you.” Those words sound so foreign coming out of Charlie’s mouth. I know he means he’ll take care of my body. Not of me. I don’t want anyone to take care of me. 
I just want orgasms. 
And Charlie is good at giving me orgasms. 
I’ll never depend on any man to take care of me ever again. 
Charlie returns moments later with a warm cloth and wipes between my legs gently. Then he lifts me easily into his arms and carries me to my bed. 
“Is it okay if I crash here? I can be out of your hair first thing in the morning,” he promises. 
I usually hate having men stay the night. If it were anyone else, I’d make them leave immediately. In fact, if it were anyone else, I wouldn’t have brought them to my house at all, but Charlie is in this strange category. He isn’t some random hookup; he’s someone I see all the time in my circle of friends. I guess he’s my friend with an amazing cock who I like to have sex with on occasion, so I trust him more than a random stranger. 
That’s the only reason I tug him down into bed with me, snuggle into his side, and promptly fall asleep with the warmth of his arm wrapped around my waist. 


Isabel Love is a hopeless romantic. She loves reading about two people falling in love, overcoming whatever obstacles they may face, and finding their happily ever after. A husband, two kids, and a full-time job keep her busy by day, but by night, she can be found with her Kindle in hand, reading “just one more chapter”.



There is a giveaway for a $15 Amazon or PayPal gift card (winner’s choice)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Review: Brooklyn Blues

Brooklyn Blues Brooklyn Blues by R.E. Hargrave
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a short and sweet--and well written--office romance with a bit of BDSM thrown in.

I listened to this and let me tell you that I LOVED the narration. LOVED IT.

You meet Brooklyn and you learn she has a small crush on a guy in the office, but she's also exploring her submissive side with someone she found online. She loves exploring and living this side of her life with her Sir, but what about the cute guy at work?

And really, what about the creeper at work?

Does she want to meet her Sir in person or is their relationship better off kept in the dark?

Find out what happens when Brooklyn's worlds collide in this quick and easy read by RE Hargrave!

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Review: Good Boy

Good Boy Good Boy by Sarina Bowen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 "You make Blake Riley Smiley" Stars

I think I called it quits with my last Sarina Bowen book. I called it quits not because the book was disappointing, but because the book was perfection. And this is no less perfect. Blake Riley and Jess Canning are amazing together. Now, don't get me wrong, no one can replace Wes and Jamie, but damn Jess and Blake are rightthere with them.

Blake is a great guy. And I mean amazingly awesome, no one can compare. He's sweet, kind, generous, always puts others first, and is willing to look like the bad guy if it means the other person will be happy. In short?

Jess Canning is a hot mess of hot messes. She loves fiercely, wants the best for everyone she knows, and doesn't want to settle in any aspect of her life. Not one for relationships, she was perfectly content letting Blake Riley stay firmly planted in the 'one and done' column. Until she wasn't okay with that. Until life changed course. And that's when she decided she had to have him. Well, part of him.

Because you can't wish a relationship into existence and Blake Riley is her brother's teammate and she doesn't do relationships and school is hard and her roommate is horrible and and and.

Yeah, that's basically what it's like to live in Jess's head.

Don't let that stop you though because as crazy and hectic as it may be, it's filled with love and longing and the heart of someone seeking approval.

I found myself laughing out loud while reading this. I just couldn't hold back. The characters are hilarious, Mama Riley is loud and boisterous, and the Rileys almost an excellent replacement for the Canning Clan (except no one is better than the Cannings). You'll find yourself cheering for Blake when he's on the ice and when he's pursuing Jess.

You're gonna want Blake to win. You're going to want to see his persistence pay off.

You want this to happen.

Hey, meet Blake, he's my boyfriend.

If I keep saying it, it has to happen. Right? Right?!

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Review: Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet story about first love.
Sweet story about young love.
Sweet story about a girl who meets a boy.

It's fairly predictable. I'm not sure if this is because I spent the better part ofthree years reading YA fiction or if it's because I've spent the last two years reading romance, but I was not shocked by the surprise in the story. In fact, I was waiting for it.

That doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable. I liked watching the two characters find themselves and each other amidst the craziness of their home lives. I thought it showed the effects of a not normal or happy home life and how children live their lives for others.

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Review: Hot as Puck

Hot as Puck Hot as Puck by Lili Valente
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Friends don't let friends get eaten by cats Stars

I'm hitting up a bunch of firsts here lately and this is my first Lili Valente book. Can I say I'm mad at myself for this? This is one of those light and fun reads that just leave you feeling good about life. You want to be a part of their circle and you wish you could curl up and call them when you need something. The characters make you feel that good. They are sweet and caring and would do anything for each other.

Including a little bit of hands on sex-ed.

Because what's a little sex between best friends?

Libby, our sweet, sweet Libby wants to know more about sex. She wants to feel beautiful and sexy and confident. She doesn't want to be a bumbling idiot with the opposite sex any longer. And who better to help her than her best friend, hockey hotshot Justin Cruise?

Friends don't let friends get eaten by cats, and Libby's been my friend for too long for me to say no when she needs me to say yes.
Because Justin really is a nice guy and he really doesn't want to disappoint his best friend, he goes for it. It's just going to be a little coaching and confidence building, right? He won't touch her. He won't. Nope. Hands off Libby.

But why is she all of a sudden so appealing? Why is he looking at her like that? Why is that forbidden fruit always the sweetest?

I don't want to lose her friendship, but I don't want to live the rest of my life without knowing what it feels like to fuck her, either.
Because sometimes that girl you shouldn't touch, is just too good to resist.

These two are so freaking cute together. They do cute, creative things together--and not in a dirty way, you perv--and they are overall just a fun couple. Like I said, this book gives you all the good feels in all the best ways.

Sometimes you want to be kissed like you're the only woman in the world, touched like you're irreplaceable, and made love to with a passion that makes it clear you are the answer to every question, the balm for every wound, the dream that will still be beautiful and true when all the other dreams have gone yellow and faded with time.

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Review: Impossible

Impossible Impossible by Laurel Ulen Curtis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 "Hot summer days are my new favorite things" Stars

My first Laurel Ulen Curtis book, but not my last.

Wow, the fact that this book is available for free blows my mind. She shouldn't be giving this stuff away. I fell head over heels for Coleman Cade. Junior and "the original." This makes me want to travel to middle of nowhere and see what those cowboys are all about.

Because, yes, this is a book that features a bull ridin' alpha male. And cowboys aren't typically my thing, but day-um, Coleman Cade is my thing.

"Finding the right woman is a lot like ridin' a bull. You'll know in a little over eight seconds whether they're worth a second ride or not. And, as you know, the best ones usually buck you off a few times before givin' you the ride of your life."
I don't know if I've ever heard someone compare a woman to a bull before, but this is one of those times when it works.
And it works because it is so Coleman that it's almost expected. And Coleman is nothing like I expected.
Turns out he isn't anything that Roni expected either.

Roni. Crazy storm chaser running from the demons of her past. We all have a past, but not everyone's is as tortured or painful as Roni's. Not everyone can understand loss. Not everyone faces the pain--and Roni is one of those people who run. And she runs as far away as she can possibly go. She carries her possessions with her, staying at hotels, and never putting down roots.

Until she stumbles upon Coleman Cade, Junior.

"You drive like a crazy person. Seriously, bat shit, round the fuckin' bend, crazy."
Well, she chases storms, so it makes sense. And she's running from something, so again, it makes sense. But when someone finally decides she's worth more than what she's been doing, what does she do? What does she do when she finally feels the pull of something greater than her pain, her past?

"I need to go." He chuckled, actually chucked, and murmured, "Yeah, I bet you do."
She runs. But she doesn't necessarily run away, she tends to run back. Back to the Cades, back to CJ and Nan and Coleman. It isn't until she realizes those pesky feelings are in play that she runs the other way.

But they've left an impression.

"I don't want you to be sorry for claiming me, I just want you to be sincere while you're doin' it."
Because the Cades aren't the only people to leave an impression. Coleman has been known for his womanizing ways and those women don't take kindly to the new girl in town catching his eye. And Roni isn't a big fan of having those other women throwing themselves at the guy she's interested in--even if she is pushing him away.

So, jump on this crazy, Impossible ride and fall in love with Coleman Cade--both of them. You'll love Nan and you'll love Roni, even when you think you won't.

And did I mention that Mrs. Curtis actually surprised me. I thought I had it all figured out, I thought I knew what was happening and how it would end, but she caught me off guard. She threw a curveball when I was expecting a fast ball. So, thank you for a pleasant--and sad--surprise.

"A lady should only ride two things, sweetheart. A horse and her man. But only after she has a solid relationship with both."

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Review: One Fear

One Fear One Fear by Belle Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn't sure what I was getting with this book, but I couldn't put it down.

I will acknowledge the fact that I went into this story blind. I didn't read the blurb, didn't read early reviews. I'm so glad I knew nothing of this book.

This is a psychological thriller. You're going to be taken on a crazy ride where you don't know what is happening, who is chasing you, or what kind of game you're playing.

You're going to love it. And you're going to be terrified.

And you're going to want to know what happens when it's all said and done.

Great job, Belle Brooks, for giving me a thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for the next book.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Review: The Independents II

The Independents II The Independents II by Aaron L. Speer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 punishment Stars

Wow. Just wow. Aaron Speer did it again with The Independents. I am blown away by the detail and the imagery given in such a short story. It's clear, concise, and I want the next installment yesterday.

Ben has submitted his book to a publisher. He swears it's his own creation.

But what happens when the guy who originally penned the novel comes forward and tries to tell the truth?

Is Ben punished? Or is the other guy punished? Who is in the wrong? How do we prove it?

Those questions are asked every day--more so in this indie book community than others, it seems. Those authors who work hard, put their heart and soul into something, only to have that hard work stolen right from under them.

It's happening.

What isn't happening?

The Independents aren't really there to serve justice. They aren't there to protect the innocent. They aren't there to squash the lies.

I'm sending my thanks to Mr. Speer for allowing me into this little world where the truth is more important than anything else.

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